Yoonla Setup – How to Set Up and Maximize your Yoonla Digital Lifestyle

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Tips and Tricks for your Yoonla Setup

After Signing up, you will get this Welcome Message!

The Yoonla setup Team are thrilled to have you become part of the Yoonla™ Digital Lifestyle community!

At this point, Yoonla have not charged you anything for your Yoonla™ life-time membership or access to the Yoonla™ Foundation program.

Why? Well, we’ve only just launched the Yoonla™ digital lifestyle platform and want to ensure that you as one of our first members get set up as fast as possible and without any hassle or issues. (We know the system inside out and can easily show you how to have it all set up and ready to go in no time.)

Plus, the complete Yoonla™ system is based on a win-win model, meaning, your success will be our success.

This is what you will learn over the next few simple Yoonla Setup steps & lessons:

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to set up the complete Yoonla™ Foundation System.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to set up The Foundation software onto your own personalised domain name.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to set up the 3 digital information products we have provided for you that you can promote to generate revenue and commissions.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to set up a the personalised websites and high converting sales pages that are included with your 3 digital information products.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to set up the complete integration of capturing leads on each of those websites so you can build your lead subscriber list and can tap into that list to generate more revenue and commissions any time you want.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to set up the complete automation process of your leads going into your digital sales funnel.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how set up a personalised automation campaign so that you can generate revenue even after someone initially signed up (automated email campaign follow up sequence).

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will find out how to integrate your digital marketing funnel with the Yoonla™ affiliate program so you can earn commissions whilst building your digital lifestyle business.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will UPGRADE your affiliate account to the Yoonla™ VIP affiliate program where you will earn an increased 60% commission on any Yoonla™ product purchases your leads will make in Yoonla™ Phase 2 & Phase 3. (Launching soon)

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will add you to our special Yoonla™ VIP Marketers Mastermind Facebook group (Learn how to excel as a digital entrepreneur and connect with other top digital marketers).

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will launch a special marketing campaign for you so that everything will be kicked into motion right away and you can start building your lead subscriber list and be set up to start generating digital revenue and commissions right from the start whilst you complete the next 4 steps of your Yoonla™ system. (We’ll launch the marketing campaign within 24 hours).


==> Set Up your Automation & Autoresponder Account with GetResponse – CLICK HERE

This service is required so that we can set up the integration with your products and websites we set up in the next few steps.

When people sign up for one of your digital products, they can simply enter their name and email address into a pop up form and this will be linked to your GetResponse account so that you can build your leads database.

Plus, we will integrate the complete system for you with a pre-written high converting email follow up campaign for you inside your GetResponse email auto responder so that you can generate revenue and commissions days or even weeks after they initially sign up. (Hallelujah for automation!)



Register for a Domain & Hosting with iPage:

Register for a Domain & Hosting with Bluehost:

Download the Free Filezilla FTP tool:


These links will be provided during the setup process.

Great news!

You’re about to find out how to generate leads and CPA commissions as part of your Yoonla™ digital lifestyle foundation.

Here’s what you will get out of this next training:

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover how a simple 2 step formula can generate thousands more leads and produce good commissions for you.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover how to set up a high converting lead capture page, ready to generate a flood of leads and referrals.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover how our delay in launching the Yoonla™ platform will be making you more money

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover the #1 mistake people make when launching a promo campaign to drive traffic, so you won’t have to lose money but make money instead.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover a simple trick that literally takes only minutes to set up and will increase your leads and commissions by 20-40% or more.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover the complete simplicity of generating revenue through digital marketing and how it is not that difficult as you may have thought before.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will discover a simple tweak Reno made in his business that helped him increase his leads and generate tens of thousands of dollars in more revenue. (so far)

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, you will receive free access to a $297 system that has added least 4,000 new leads every single month.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to skip this training, start blindly advertising and quite likely lose money. That is completely up to you. Or, you can invest some time into going through these steps and make sure that you will make money instead.


Step 1

==> Set Up Your Clickfunnels Account Here

Reno heavily endorses Leadpages for his funnel system (Lead Capture)

After using both systems, I personally prefer Clickfunnels. This is also another Affiliate program you can on-sell to recoup costs. They have some great perks too!

So, if your interested in checking out more about Clickfunnels ==> CLICK HERE

In the next video Reno will guide you through:

  • Connecting and integrating your LeadPage account with your GetResponse automation account.
  • How to set up a special campaign inside your GetResponse account
  • Setting up a high converting lead capture page (From our tests this page is converting over 42% and I’ll show you exactly why and how to further increase this conversion rate)
  • Setting up your first A/B split test with Leadpages to help increase lead conversions by 20-40%
  • Implementing a 2 step formula that will help you dramatically increase leads conversions even more
  • Setting up a “Thank you page” where your leads will land on and where you can track your sign up conversions.

Then Reno will then be showing you:

  • The set up and integration of your GetResponse automation email marketing campaign.
  • How to set it up so that your subscribers from your lead capture page are directed to Yoonla™ through your affiliate tracking link, will become a referral and generate a commission for you with the Yoonla™ CPA affiliate program.
  • How to pre-set an automated email follow up sequence so that your subscribers will start to receive your emails over days, weeks or even months to come. You will keep in contact with your subscribers on full automation, set and forget.
  • How you can track your email open rates and click-through rates and how to easily make changes and improve your results.

It’s quite a simple set up but it is important to follow the exact instructions as I will guide you to setting up with the highest conversion options and so that your referrals will be tracked.

Let’s get ready to rumble…

Alright, let’s get down to one of the most important parts of building your digital lifestyle, building your email list and generating referrals and commissions. In this lesson Reno will be showing you:

  • The number #1 mistake new digital marketers make when promoting and driving traffic to generate leads.
  • Which forms of traffic NOT to use.
  • How to present yourself and any offer you promote, to reach incredible conversion rates.
  • How to pace yourself with driving traffic and set yourself up for success
  • Where to get traffic from, what channels I recommend to use that will get you generating leads and commissions in no time.

Getting quality traffic that will convert, is what it is all about.

Please do follow the training lesson/video above as I’ll show you how to attract the right audience, how to convert them to leads and commissions and become your followers that you can tap into to further build your digital lifestyle for a long time to come. We’re in it for the long run right?!


From my experience when coaching clients on digital marketing, specifically those that are new to digital marketing or affiliate/internet marketing, when it comes to traffic many people are falling for such offers as listed below:

  • “guaranteed visitors”
  • “guaranteed leads”
  • “10,000 traffic hits” packages.
  • Fiver traffic packages or jobs offered on freelancer for example

Do not, and let me repeat, DO NOT use any of these type of offers above when driving traffic!

You will end up only losing money, not getting any results and you would even be banned from affiliate programs and networks.

Don’t do it. It will not get you anywhere. Instead, follow the instructions below to get quality traffic, that converts to lead and referral commissions and that can be set up, ready to rock and roll rather quickly.

Start Here with a Yoonla Setup Fast, Quality Traffic Source

==> Set Up Your Udimi Account Here

So to get you started generating leads and commissions as soon as possible, I recommend to start off with solo ads. If you are not familiar with solo ads yet, here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • Create your Account at Udimi. (It’s free to register, an upgraded version is available as well which I’ll explain in the video)
  • Find a good, quality solo ad provider/seller
  • You order the amount of clicks of your choice
  • Solo seller will send out an email to his/her email list with your offer (Email swipes are available inside your Yoonla™ Downloads & Files section)
  • The subscribers on the list of the solo ad seller will receive the email, with the link to your lead capture page
  • This will drive real, targeted and quality traffic to your lead capture page, you will build your email list
  • You’ll earn commissions for the referrals you send through to Yoonla™, 60% commission (VIP members) when your referrals purchase any Yoonla™ products or services. (Now or in the future. Tracking cookie will last up to 365 days after someone clicks your affiliate link)
  • You will build a good quality email subscriber list which we will tap into to further build your digital lifestyle and generate more revenue for months or even years to come.



Also, just to remind you, this is only Phase One of Yoonla™. The Yoonla™ Phase Two and Phase Three programs are in the making as well, which will be more high-end advanced training where you will learn to be on your way to become a 6 or 7 figure a year digital entrepreneur.

Plus, any of those leads you will generate now through our Yoonla™ affiliate program will be cookied (tracking code) up to 365 days so any purchases your referrals will make with the Yoonla™ Phase Two and Phase Three program will earn you high-ticket commissions. More on that soon. First off, let’s get you started with laying down the foundation of your digital lifestyle business. Please Carry out the Yoonla Setup Process.